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Instagram Account: Methods and Ideas You Can Use To Grow Your Profile!

October 26, 2020 2 min read

Instagram Account: Methods and Ideas You Can Use To Grow Your Profile!

Nowadays you can start dropshipping with ease, and you can make a lot of money within the ecommerce world. People love online shopping, so you really need to find the right way to grow and expand. Creating a Dropshipping Instagram Account can help you bring in more exposure, and you will find that it brings in front a very impressive set of benefits.

How can you create a Dropshipping Instagram Account?

The idea here is that you want to create an Instagram Account where you showcase a variety of different products that you can sell via dropshipping. You can add a link to the product via swiping, which is always going to come in handy. It’s a great approach and one that you do not want to miss if you manage it accordingly.

You don’t need to switch to a business account, for the moment you can keep it personal and then you can study the stats and see if it’s worth it to make such a switch or not. If you decide to create a Dropshipping Instagram Account, then you need to make it look amazing.

A good rule of thumb is to take your time and ensure that your Shopify store or ecommerce store logo is present within the Instagram account. It offers a sense of continuity and trust, which can be very helpful in a situation like this.

How often do you need to post?

If you want the Dropshipping Instagram Account to grow, then you must have at least 7 posts a week, if not more. Try to show a lot of value and quality with every post. Don’t just post for the sake of it. Make the post visually appealing, while sticking to a certain format. That’s the type of thing that will work most of the time, and you just have to use it to your own advantage. Some people post 2-3 times per day on their Dropshipping Instagram Account, so you may want to do that as well.

Speaking of that, you want 80% of your posts to be a normal post, and then you can add a promotional post too. If you promote your Dropshipping store too much, then that will be a problem since people will unfollow. You want to prevent that, so create the best content quality you can for the best experience.

Schedule your posts

Using an Instagram scheduling tool does help a lot, since you won’t have to waste time posting manually. You can use Buffer, Later or Tailwind because they are all great scheduling solutions with incredible features.

How can you grow the Dropshipping Instagram Account? You can start using shoutouts and hashtags, because these can give you a wide exposure very fast.  It’s also possible to grow the account by doing a giveaway, engaging people inside your niche or anything similar. Avoid buying followers, as that’s not ok. Once you start using these tips and ideas, you will find it easier to establish a great Dropshipping Instagram Account, and that can help grow your business more than you might imagine.