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How can you use Pinterest to advertise your Dropshipping store

October 26, 2020 2 min read

How can you use Pinterest to advertise your Dropshipping store

If you’re looking to promote your dropshipping store for free and without spending a lot of time, it makes a lot of sense to use Pinterest. This is a great social media platform with lots of users, and it does bring in front some incredible results. The great thing about Pinterest is that it has more than 200 million users, out of which 60% are women and 40% are male. So you get a massive demographic and people that are ready to buy things online.

Set up a business account on Pinterest

You want to do that because it will show you are indeed a serious user and a proper business. Use the same name as your dropshipping store, add the company logo as a picture and try to write a professional description. Add the website address in the profile section, so people can go right to your site.

Add Pinterest buttons and widgets to your store

The reason you want to do that is because you are showing that you are active on Pinterest and you will also make it easier for people to share it and follow. You can add the save and follow buttons, profile and pin widget or even the board widget. Proper Pinterest integration will help your website users go to Pinterest and they can share your stuff with others.

Embed Pinterest images within your store

Create the best content you can in your blog and then start embedding Pinterest images. It will be easier for visitors to embed the images and find you on Pinterest as well. Again, this is also a good way to obtain more shares and exposure, which is what you need.

Paid ads

Pinterest paid ads will show on the feed and in search results. You need to create great content and then pin it so others will be able to see it. Keep in mind that paid ads will take views and clicks into consideration. Thankfully, you can set a budget if you want, so you do have everything under control.

Organic exposure

It’s also possible to get a lot of impressions organically. You can start doing that by creating your own Pinterest boards. People will check these, see your content, visit your website and even buy something. You can also re-pin stuff pinned by others, yet another way to boost your exposure naturally and with great success.


Once you create a business account on Pinterest and learn how to use these tips, you must try and post often. Ideally you want to have a re-pin and a pin every day, with a pin for your own product every few days. This is a good approach that helped a lot of people, so you should consider giving it a try if possible, as it can work quite nicely. Of course, you want to prevent any rush, so try to experiment a bit and see what posting schedule works for you and what content your readers like the most!