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8 Methods You Can Use for Dropshipping Store Free Traffic in 2020

October 26, 2020 3 min read

8 Methods You Can Use for Dropshipping Store Free Traffic in 2020

Creating a Dropshipping Store in 2020 is one of the best ways to make money online. This is mostly a hands-off money-making method and it can be very lucrative. Aside from finding a good supplier, you also want to make sure that you find ways to generate traffic for your Dropshipping website. Here you have a list with some of the best ways to get free traffic fast and easy.

Email marketing

A proper email marketing campaign will help you connect with your customers fast and easy. Just make sure that you share discounts, special coupons or things that will entice the customer to visit your website. That alone can provide a great return on investment.

Establish an affiliate program for your Dropshipping Store

If you have affiliates, they will drive free traffic to you. Granted, you need to pay them a certain amount per sale, but you choose the desired percentage and there’s no need to do any other work. It’s very helpful and convenient.

Share comments to other websites

You need to create an account on other websites and have your own website link on the profile page. If you comment often on other websites, people will check your profile and visit your website. Obviously, you want the comments to be professional and creative.

Write an ebook

Creating an ebook that links to your website can also help quite a lot. People are always looking for great, informative content, and sharing that will help you a lot. Make sure that you create the best ebook you can based on your knowledge and expertise.

Answer questions

There are all kinds of websites where you can answer questions and direct people to your Dropshipping Store for more info or products. Forums, Quora, Reddit and Yahoo Answers are a few of the many places where you can generate free traffic using this method.

Social media

The idea here is that you need to create a profile page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites. You want to share helpful content, but you can also post some links to your website with deals and a variety of other features. It can be very helpful and you can generate a ton of traffic with this approach.

Create YouTube videos

You can create educational, how-to, funny videos on YouTube and link to your Dropshipping Store. The main focus is to make people buy. You choose whether you want to bring in a bit of fun into your customer’s life or if you want to just share information. The type of content is up to you, but it’s clear that YouTube can be a very good source of traffic.


Enhancing your website’s SEO and focusing on optimizing it adequately can help a lot. SEO drives a lot of traffic the higher you rank in search engines, so the main focus is to optimize for SEO as often as possible. That can be very helpful in the long run.


We recommend you to use these tips if you want to bring in more traffic to your Dropshipping Store. It will take a little bit to optimize and adapt everything, but it will certainly be worth it every time. That’s the thing you want to focus on, connecting with new customers and showing the value you can provide. It will offer you the much-needed results in the long run!